In recent months, three supermarket chains have announced recognitions in the ever-growing GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership. In the program, participating supermarkets, refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders work together to help reduce refrigerant leaks and potentially damaging emissions.


In an Aug. 18 press release, Giant Eagle summarized some of its achievements: GreenChill’s 2008 Best Partner Emissions Rate Award for achieving the lowest refrigerant leak rate of the GreenChill partners; the 2008 Exceptional Goal Achievement Award for exceeding GreenChill standards in reductions of refrigerant emissions, and the 2008 Superior Goal Achievement Award for achieving GreenChill’s target rate for overall emissions.

“We’re honored to help lead our industry in refrigeration management by advancing new technology and best practices. Our team members are dedicated to ensuring that Giant Eagle remains a good steward of the environment, and it is through their hard work that we are recognized today,” said Kevin Shelton, VP of Store Planning, Equipment Buying and Engineering, and Aetos Construction, Giant Eagle.


In an announcement also made Aug. 18, it was reported that Raley’s received the New Partner Award from GreenChill. Raley’s joined the partnership in January 2009.

“Even in Raley’s first year as a GreenChill Partner, the company has already taken the lead in the number of GreenChill-certified stores,” said Keilly Witman of EPA’s GreenChill. “Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has received two gold-level store certification awards and two silver-level store certification awards, proof that Raley’s takes the GreenChill mission to fight climate change and protect the ozone layer very seriously.”

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as a leader in the industry for our efficient refrigeration systems,” said Randy Walthers, Raley’s Energy Manager. “We look forward to continuing our work with the GreenChill Partnership on promoting green technologies, strategies, and practices to protect the ozone layer and significantly reduce greenhouse gases.”

As a new partner, Raley’s said it has pledged to go above and beyond regulatory requirements by measuring and tracking refrigerant emissions that affect climate change and the earth’s ozone layer and then setting reduction targets for these emissions, participating in government-industry research initiatives to assess the performance of cutting edge, green refrigeration technologies, and participating in committees that draft best practice guidelines.


In a Sept. 22 statement, McQuade’s Marketplace noted it had joined GreenChill and almost immediately got GreenChill’s highest award for its Westerly, R.I., store. McQuade’s Westerly store, located at 106 Main St., achieved GreenChill’s gold-level store certification earlier in September by reducing its refrigerant emissions by 95 percent versus standard supermarket refrigeration systems.

“Every business should do what they can to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren,” said Michael McQuade, president, McQuade’s Marketplace. “Our customers might not be aware of all the technical differences, but this equipment is the most environmentally friendly equipment we could find, and it will allow us to continue to provide our customers with the freshest meat, seafood, and produce available.”

Hill Phoenix supplied the store with Second Nature® refrigeration systems for both low temperature (frozen foods) and medium temperature (meat, seafood, deli, dairy and produce) applications. According to Scott Martin, Hill Phoenix’s director of Sustainable Technologies, the new equipment will significantly reduce the store’s environmental footprint. “We believe McQuade’s Westerly store will see an estimated reduction of nearly 33 million pounds of CO2 in its total carbon footprint over a 10-year period.”

Publication date:11/02/2009