Two lines of high-efficiency, modulating infrared heaters can achieve up to 20 percent fuel savings over single-stage infrared heaters and up to 30 percent fuel savings over two-stage infrared heaters, claims the company. Modulating infrared heaters control both combustion air and fuel supply to the burner, allowing for full input modulation and proper combustion at each input. Proper combustion helps ensure optimum efficiency. Modulation allows the heater input to match the heat demands of the space with varying occupancy and weather conditions, delivering enhanced fuel savings and space comfort. Available in condensing (Corayvac® with Ultravac™ controls) and noncondensing (Vantage® modulating) models, modulating infrared heaters offer a host of control options including an interface for building management systems. PC-based controls software allows for controls’ networking and remote building monitoring via modem, local area network, or building management system.

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