Combat® units include direct-fired make-up air units, indirect-fired make-up air units, air turnover units, unit heaters, and duct heaters. The direct-fired make-up air units are available in 1,000 to 60,000 cfm and rooftop or sidewall configurations. With 100 percent combustion efficiency and modulating burners, the units help reduce fuel usage and deliver the heat from the unit into the building without flue losses. They are available with standard 100 percent make-up air or variable air volume operation. Indirect-fired make-up air units, offered from 3,500-57,000 cfm, are available in 100 percent make-up air or efficient, recirculating units. Air turnover units are available up to 100,000 cfm for efficient warehouse heating. The power-vented unit heaters are offered in 30,000-400,000 Btuh (select low-profile models). Units have tubular serpentine heat exchanger design and are capable of sidewall or roof venting. Stainless steel heat exchanger option, separated combustion models, and concentric vent kits are also available. Duct heaters offer the same robust design in inputs from 75,000-400,000 Btuh, capable of temperature rise of 20 to 95ºF (-6.67 to 35ºC) and 850-14,200 cfm.

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