Joe Groh, director of operations of the Joe Groh Foundation, posed with Vicki LaPlant, president of the foundation. Both appeared in Grapevine, Texas, at a golfing fund raiser.

GRAPEVINE, Texas - On April 25, about 45 people attended a fund raising golf outing on behalf of Joe Groh. At the event, Groh, an industry veteran, announced the formation of the Joseph Groh Foundation.

According to Groh, the foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to employees, former employees, and family members of both current and former employees of the construction and HVACR industries who have suffered permanent spinal cord injuries or other permanent and life altering disabilities.

In June of 2008, Groh was seriously injured in a bicycle accident that resulted in him becoming quadriplegic. The vision for setting up the foundation came as a result of the widespread support and assistance received from family and friends, many of whom are also in the construction and HVACR industries, including Groh’s son, father, brother, uncles, and grandfather.

“I see the foundation as a way to give back to an industry which has been very good to my family,” said Groh. “It is my hope that this effort will provide both assistance and hope to those whose lives have been seriously disrupted.”

Vicki LaPlant will serve as president of the foundation while Groh will serve as the director of operations. LaPlant and Groh are both 30-plus year veterans of the HVAC industry. Sue Huckabee, Groh’s sister and a CPA, will serve as secretary-treasurer.

As a result of the golf fund raiser, Groh will be acquiring voice-activated software and environmental controls to operate his computer and aid with other household functions.

“In short, the voice-activated software will allow me to directly interface with a variety of software including Microsoft Office products and e-mail. It will also allow me to toggle back and forth between a phone conversation and the software. The environmental controls will allow me to control such things as lighting, TV, fans, etc. The package will also allow users to control such items as thermostats, opening/closing of doors, and raising and lowering of blinds if these options are chosen,” said Groh.

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Publication date:05/18/2009