INDIANAPOLIS — Knauf Insulation announced that its insulation has now been validated by UL Environment to contain 61.9 percent post-consumer recycled content by weight. According to the company, this is a new industry benchmark. Knauf said it increased the figure by 6.2 percent over the last six months.

“These levels weren’t considered possible just a few years ago,” said Scott Miller, director of sustainability at Knauf Insulation. “While we’re proud of achieving such a high level, this is also a celebration of people who care about recycling. We appreciate the recycling effort of each and every individual who takes time to think about the future and how to positively affect it.”

Over the last five years, Knauf Insulation has recycled approximately one billion pounds of post-consumer glass. The volume is equivalent to the glass waste of 14 million households. “Or, to put it another way — 13 billion beverage bottles,” Miller said.

“We empty many train cars of post-consumer glass every day. It’s a continuous, complex effort, and a tribute to the technical and logistical savvy of employees throughout Knauf Insulation.”

The post-consumer recycled content allows Knauf to use 15 percent less energy in the manufacturing of its insulation products.

“Recycled content has always been a priority for us. It makes phenomenal sense, also considering that it saves a lot of the manufacturing energy that virgin material would require. We’ve been able to improve our manufacturing and grow our volume of recycled content each year,” Miller said.

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Publication date: 04/02/2012