The winning products inThe NEWS’Components & Accessories category of the sixth annual Dealer Design Awards aid the HVAC equipment and system in performing the work better and in some cases more energy efficiently, too. They also help the installing and servicing technicians work more efficiently by making installation and service and maintenance work quicker and easier.

The Genteq X13 460V electronically commutated motor makes troubleshooting easier for a variety of reasons, including because the technician doesn’t need special tools; it only requires the same tools used for other induction motors. A benefit the Diversitech High Rise Pan offers technicians is its flexibility to fit through an attic door. The Titus FlexRight, a brace for flexible duct, can be installed quickly and utilizes common cable ties for connecting it to inlets and outlets.

Gold Winner: Genteq’s ECM X13 460V features quick-connect terminals for the input power and run signals, allowing for installation using industry-standard connectors.


The Genteq X13 460V is a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) designed for commercial 460V HVAC applications. The motor delivers up to five selectable constant-torque settings and high efficiency. It can be used as the blower motor in 460-V package systems and light commercial rooftop package systems, up to 5 tons and in 460-V air-handler systems and in variable air volume terminal units.

The motor delivers constant-torque operation across the operating speed range of 600-1,050 rpm. The manufacturer said, “The X13 460V is up to 80 percent more efficient than standard PSC [permanent split capacitor] induction motors.”

The motor offers several features that make installing it easy. According to the manufacturer, the X13 460V can be installed with a standard bellyband mount just like the original induction motors. It features quick-connect terminals for the input power and run signals, allowing for installation using industry-standard connectors. No special diagnostic tools are required for servicing the motor. The same basic tools that are used for troubleshooting induction motors can be used for the X13.

The connectors on the X13 are sized so that the contractor can physically connect only the power lines to the high voltage inputs, eliminating the problem of placing it on the low-voltage inputs and damaging the control. The motor is equipped with onboard surge protection of 6 kV, to ensure resistance to voltage fluctuations and allow the electronics inside the product to last for the life of the package system. Likewise the mechanics of this motor operate with ball bearings that additionally require no service over the life of the system.

A judge remarked that the product has “very high torque, will move the air better than a PSC motor and at one-third the cost for power.”

Silver Winner: DiversiTech’s High Rise Pan can be “twisted” through the attic door or the edges stepped on without the pan breaking or denting during installation.


The Diversitech High Rise Pan is a secondary drain pan with pre-formed risers. The risers provide a universal fit for air handlers. “In a typical installation, a horizontal air handler is placed on the pan ... with anti-vibration pads between the handler and risers,” said the company.

The pan works with standard drain lines and float switches/wet switches. Pans may also be used for upflow installations.

During installation, the pan can be “twisted” through the attic door or the edges stepped on without the pan breaking or denting. The 5-inch lift of the risers ensures proper drain line pitch.

A service benefit that the risers give is “ample clearance above the lip of the drain pan for the contractor to easily open and service the equipment sitting on top,” said the company. The risers are formed with channels designed to hold antivibration pads, yet allow those pads to be placed to properly support any piece of equipment. The kit comes with pan, anti-vibe pads, and a Condensate Cop that shuts the unit off when water is detected.

Silver Winner: Titus’ FlexRight is fastened and secured to connection inlets and outlets utilizing common cable ties.


The Titus FlexRight radius forming brace is engineered to eliminate airflow restrictions and improve HVAC system efficiency in residential and commercial buildings by forming a perfect flexible duct 90-degree elbow. The connection ends of FlexRight expand to conform to flexible duct diameters 4-16 inches. According to the manufacturer, the average installation time is under one minute.

Common cable ties (typically used to attach flexible duct) are used to fasten and secure FlexRight to connection inlets and outlets. The manufacturer said excessive energy consumption is restricted airflow caused by improperly installed and kinked flexible ducts, causing equipment to run longer, thus using more energy.

“FlexRight is specifically designed to improve airflow, save energy, and help contractors meet flexible duct installation radius bend standards and guidelines as recommended by SMACNA [Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association], Air Diffusion Council, Energy Star, and ASHRAE [American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers],” stated the company.

A judge commented positively about the FlexRight in saying, “The 8-inch inside radius is a significant difference from the competition, less ‘equivalent feet’ when using [Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s] Manual D. It has lower overall static and lower operating cost.”

2009 Honorees: Components & Accessories

ECM X13 460V

High Rise Pan


Airtec Products Corp.
Aspen Mini White Minisplit Condensate Pump

Publication date:07/13/2009