Manufacturer’s report courtesy of Fieldpiece Instruments.


“When I first saw the Job Link App, I realized that this was a unique tool that any tech could use to improve the way they work!” - Allen Reed, HVACR Trainer 

In the world of HVACR, there are industry standards, but the way that we each work can vary as much as the systems we work on and the tools that we use. This inconsistency can result in wasted time for techs and missed opportunities for additional revenue for contractors.

The solution is better training and better tools. Speaking of tools, there are apps on the market that connect directly with tools like manometers and psychrometers. They use the latest advances in Bluetooth and wireless technology to enable techs to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire system in real-time through an app on their phone. As they work on the system, they see how it responds by viewing the system from the inside. With all this information, they can quickly understand the overall health of the system. Right away, as soon as the tools are set up, techs can completely diagnose big problems and they can see how the entire system responds immediately to even the most minor changes. This can illuminate latent performance problems. Better tools and training can also lead to service opportunities that are often are overlooked.

“Job Link reports are our spotlights — you can find diamonds in the dark!” 

Allen Reed is one HVACR trainer who uses Fieldpiece wireless tools and the Job Link® System App to help owners, managers, supervisors, and techs work smarter, faster, and better. He’s mentored hundreds of technicians and numerous contractors, and he’s taught them all to follow his proven methodology of technical opportunity management for diagnosing, repairing a system, and illuminating additional latent opportunities. He calls this technical opportunity management “free money.”


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