The evacuation of a system is one of the most time consuming parts of installation and service jobs. Any good technician can tell you that it is even slower and more difficult to evacuate systems that contain POE oil. The reason being, POE is drastically more hydroscopic than mineral oils, at least 100 times more hydroscopic.

So while you are trying to remove all of the water from your recently serviced or installed system, the POE oil is pouring moisture right back into it. This adds time to the job, frustration to the contractor and can lead to a system not being properly dehydrated. So what can a technician do to make evacuations easier and more profitable? Simple, find a way to evacuate AC/R systems faster.

One of the easiest ways to make evacuations faster is to always have clean, dry vacuum oil in your pump. Everyone knows that vacuum pump oil should be changed after every job. Many contractors change their oil multiple times for larger jobs.

This is why Appion designed the Tez8 to make changing oil a 5 second job.

The crystal clear, front mounted TEZOM cartridge allows the contractor to monitor the condition of their oil as they evacuate a system. As the oil gets clouded with moisture or darkens with contaminants, the contractor can identify this and change the oil immediately.

Even more impressive, you can do this while the pump is running and you will not break your vacuum seal.

Now the contractor has an easy way to quickly change the vacuum oil and maintain the highest possible evacuation speeds throughout the entire evacuation.

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