As anyone who is on Facebook knows, fun quizzes tend to be pretty popular on that social networking site.The NEWSdid not want to be left behind so we came up with the “Which A/C Component Are You” quiz.

Take the quiz below to figure it out and join the ACHR NEWS on Facebook by registering on the site and searching our name. And if anyone has anymore quiz ideas, please send them our way.


1. Your family is planning a vacation. How do you decide where to go?

a.Everyone puts in an idea, so you discuss it and come to a vote. You trust that you can persuade enough people to go where you want to go, even though they think they had a say in it. You are manipulative, and you think it’s cute.(1 point)

b.You let someone else decide, but after the decision is made you criticize the choice because you could have planned something much better. Without your input it’s just not as good. (2 points)

c.You’re not sure you want to go on vacation. Will everything be taken care of? Who will take care of the animals? Who will bring in the mail? You can see all kinds of problems, but you don’t do anything to fix them.(3 points)

d.You like the idea of vacation as long as you do everything yourself! If you don’t handle all the planning and execution, you’re just not sure it will be done.(4 points)

e.You do everything to plan for the trip without being asked, and as usual, no one notices. You whine a lot.(5 points)

2. Your parents are talking about assisted living options and they want your input. You:

a.Pull together all the material you can, offer them plenty of choices, and guide them toward moving into the place that’s most convenient for you to visit.(1 point)

b.You bring your brothers and sisters into the discussion, but you don’t like any of their ideas. However, you don’t tell your parents about this until it’s too late. They really should have listened to you.(2 points)

c.Assisted living? OMG! Is that like a nursing home? You panic and cry.(3 points)

d.You find your parents’ brochures, read them, decide which would be best for them, start packing their books, and practically put their house on the market so no one else, including your parents, can screw it up.(4 points)

e.You do all the research, all the packing, and clean and redecorate your parents’ house before it goes on the market. They can never thank you enough.(5 points)

3. On movie night, you:

a.Decide based on what everyone is in the mood to watch, but you press enthusiastically for your choice by citing online reviews and the recommendations of friends and co-workers.(1 point)

b.You let the others discuss movie choices, and you try to convey your preferences through body language. Surely someone must notice how interested you are in that new comedy released this week! If they miss your signals, make sure they know that this was a mistake.(2 points)

c.You typically can’t make up your mind. You are most effective voting along with someone else’s choice.(3 points)

d.Get the living room ready by vacuuming, dusting, and getting out the TV tables. It’s a shame that everyone gets crumbs on the floors anyway.(4 points)

e.Make popcorn without being asked, then get upset when they bring home some other snack with the movie.(5 points)

4. When it’s time to go to bed, you:

a.Say goodnight and go to bed, but you’re not surprised when you hear everyone else go to bed soon afterwards.(1 point)

b.Say, “I’m tired. Time for bed, everyone!” You are blissfully unaware of their rolling eyes.(2 points)

c.You yawn and hope it starts a chain reaction of yawning - or at least gets someone to ask if you’re tired. Like maybe they care.(3 points)

d.Turn down everyone’s blankets, put on the nightlight in the bathroom, spritz a relaxing lavender spray, and get everything ready for bed. Nobody cares.(4 points)

e.You march the kids upstairs, let the dog out one more time, and prep the coffee maker to start brewing automatically tomorrow morning.(5 points)


1. Compressor:You are the heart of the system! Without you, there is no air conditioning. What’s more, you’ve gotten everyone else to buy into the idea of your importance. If you don’t go to a party and the party flops, people assume that it’s because you didn’t show up with your sparkling wit and homemade salsa.(1-4 points)

2. Motor:You are crucial to the system, but in your mind, you are under-appreciated. Who needs the compressor! Without you, cool air doesn’t circulate through the ducts! Without you, air isn’t cleaned by those hoity-toity IAQ products. You have a slightly exaggerated sense of worth, but don’t forget: You are replaceable.(5-8 points)

3. Thermostat:You are an attention seeker. Why not? Everyone looks at you all the time, and people fight over the right to control you. You can even send out warnings, making you something of a Chicken Little.(9-12 points)

4. Filter-drier:People don’t realize how important you are, and you complain about that A LOT. Just like a martyred mom, you clean and you clean with little or no help, and you keep things running in order. Your only consolation is that they’ll miss you when you’re gone.(13-16 points)

5. Metering device:Typical control freak. You have a compulsive need to watch the comings and goings of those in your life. You like to tell people when they can go, where they can go, and how much they can take with them. Your life is one big power trip.(17-20 points)