Globe valve actuators with more compact screw-mount style models are available in the TAC Forta™ line, giving users both screw-mount and U-bolt mounting options to meet common installation and application requirements for small, medium, and large globe valves. The new screw-mount design makes the unit easy to mount on VB-7000 Series globe valves without separate adaptors or linkages, and features a 3-inch lower profile than the U-bolt versions for mounting in applications where space is limited. The Forta line of non-spring return actuators is versatile; a single model can accommodate a wide range of valve sizes and stroke lengths and any standard input signal, whether a proportional 0-10 vdc, 2-10 vdc, 4-20mA, or floating signal. Setting up the actuator for any input signal can be done simply by flipping a DIP switch. The actuators are equipped with a powerful programming capability called One Touch, which enables end users to automatically set up and install the actuator. One Touch’s automatic scaling feature eliminates most of the tedious and time-consuming setup time required to scale the actuator’s input signal to match different valve stroke lengths, said the company.

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