The MACH 1811 1.5-ton portable heat pump has four to five times greater heating capacity than 115-V electric heaters, according to the company. Manufactured by NorthWind Inc., the heat pump is rated at over 21,000-Btu heating capacity and approximately 17,000-Btu cooling capacity. It offers heating of 50°F and higher, high ambient cooling to 115°, and low ambient cooling to 55°. The exclusive blower and motor ensure smooth, vibration-free operation at all settings. It delivers ample heat at temperatures below the combustion point for enhanced safety and comfort. It cleans the air with an electrostatic filter that captures dust and other particulates to protect equipment and furnishings. A remote thermostat is available for use where tight temperature tolerances are needed. An advanced condensate removal system allows the user to choose between collecting condensate in a tank and pumping it out.

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