COURSE TITLE:Fundamentals of Commercial HVAC (17419)

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Honeywell Building Solutions

DATE:Feb. 24-26, 2009

LOCATION:Golden Valley, Minn.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:In the first two days of class, the course addresses understanding the need for HVAC, identifying various commercial building components and their function in HVAC control. The third day of class will cover aspects of direct digital control (DDC) and DDC programming. In addition, students will take a field trip to one of the company’s facilities to solidify their learning. This introductory course is intended primarily for technicians, sales personnel, and customers, but can be taken by anyone new to the HVAC

COURSE TITLE:Service Dispatch University

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Business Development Resources Inc.

DATE:Feb. 26-28, 2009


COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course covers dispatching, scheduling, and customer service skills for a service department. It will arm dispatchers with the knowledge and skills to dispatch effectively, create technician zones, resolve technician conflict, and drive profit and efficiency in their service department. The class is intended for service dispatchers, service managers, and owners. For more information or to register, contact Angie Swartz at 206-870-1880, ext.

Publication date:01/19/2009