COURSE TITLE:Zurn PEX University


DATE:November 4-5


COURSE DESCRIPTION:A basic training program is offered on plumbing, radiant heating systems, and radiant design software. Students learn proper installation and design of the manufacturer’s PEX systems. Training includes engineering fundamentals, hands-on product demonstrations, and software training. The first day, plumbing and heating is covered. Heating and radiant design software is covered on day two. In order to attend either or both of the training sessions, the attendee must first be verified as eligible through their Zurn

COURSE TITLE:IGSHPA Accredited Installer Workshop


DATE:November 17-19

LOCATION:Springfield, Mo.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The installation workshop addresses ground-source heat pump system installation. Topics covered include design and material options, system layout, pipe joining techniques, trenching/drilling processes, air and debris purging, pressure drop calculations, pump and fluid selection, and thermal conductivity. Upon successful completion of the workshop and passing the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s© (IGSHPA) installer’s exam, the student will be issued IGSHPA accreditation as an installer of ground-source heat pump

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Publication date:10/19/2009