Marc Tardif, an application engineer for Innergy Tech Inc., pointed out the company’s new EPE5500 plate exchanger.

CHICAGO - At the 2009 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), a few manufacturers introduced some new and unique systems designed to recover heat and energy in order to reduce energy costs and use.

Desiccant Rotors International( introduced its EcoFresh© heat recovery wheel. Incorporating the heat wheels into the air conditioning system “means more outside air at lower energy cost,” said the manufacturer. The wheels use custom-made metallic honeycomb matrix coated with EcoSorb molecular sieve dessicant.

Fantech( showed its new commercial ERV rooftop models, RTW850 and RTW1230. Both feature an adsorption-type energy recovery wheel, backward-inclined motorized impeller, double wall cabinet, and MERV 7 pleated filters.

Heat Pipe Technology Inc.( showed its HRM-V™ Split Passive Series energy recovery systems. The energy recovery heat pipes “are compact and highly efficient heat transfer devices,” said the company. They are used to recover energy in process applications and from exhaust air to pre-cool or pre-heat outside air in comfort applications, it explained. The system is designed for applications where two airstreams are separated by up to 100 feet. The manufacturer said one could earn up to 37 out of a maximum 69 LEED points by utilizing its split passive series.

Greentek( featured its two new HRV models, PH 7.15 and PH 10.22. Each model has two operating modes, intermittent and continuous. Features include compact installation, DuoTrol™ balancing system, and “push through” design. Outside air is pushed through the heat exchanger, which acts as a noise attenuator, said the company.

InnergyTech Inc.( showcased its EPE5500 enthalpy plate exchangers. When installed in a ventilation system, it is designed to recover both heat and moisture from one airstream and transfer them to the other without any moving parts. It is designed to supply a continuous flow of fresh air “providing a comfortable level of humidity at a minimal ventilation cost,” said the manufacturer.

Sofame Technologies Inc.( showcased its commercial-industrial heat recovery equipment. John Gocek, president and CEO of the company, pointed out its Percotherm™, a direct-contact, condensing stack economizer designed to recover residual or waste water heat from the flue gases of existing boilers or other thermal processes. It then transfers the recovered heat to a cool-water system. Hot water can be produced at temperatures as high as 140°F, explained Gocek. He noted that the manufacturer is in the process of engineering and manufacturing a customized condensing heat recovery system for the energy plant at Princeton University.

Publication date:02/16/2009