The BDHR packaged boiler blowdown heat recovery system series is pre-engineered and recovers up to 95 percent of the heat energy normally lost with conventional continuous blowdown separators, claims the manufacturer. The resulting condensate can be used to preheat boiler makeup water. Resulting flash steam can be used to heat the deaerator tank or for other fuel-saving uses. As they recycle waste energy, the systems cool boiler blowdown to 140°F or less, for acceptable discharge to municipal wastewater systems. The modules are available with eight sizes of centrifugal blowdown vessels ranging from 8 to 26 inches, with capacities from 100 to 100,000 pounds per hour. The systems include a plate heat exchanger or optional shell-and-tube heat exchanger, pressure relief valve, isolation valve, and mechanical or electrical level controls. Optional components are available, including manifolds for balanced flow from multiple boilers.

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