TROY, Mich. -The NEWS’Career Center, a partnership with HVAC Agent, now offers a new free preview for employers that need to hire experienced HVACR technicians, installers, salespeople, etc.

HVAC Agent is the online employment site specifically for the HVACR industry. For those employers who want to know if the Career Center has the job seekers they’re looking for, this free preview will answer that question without them having to spend a dime. Employers can set up a free account and add Profile Alerts to specify exactly what types of people they need to hire and where.

Within seconds, the system will search all the active job seeker profiles to return a search engine-style listing of those that match the employer’s requirements. This listing will provide a summary of each person’s experience and when the employer clicks on a specific listing, they are shown details for that job seeker including: city/state/zip of where they live now, preferred work location, specific position desired, industry sectors they have experience in (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), years of experience, education level, certifications/licenses, desired compensation, specific industry skills and job functions as well as the time/date that job seeker last logged in or updated their information on the site.

The free preview thus will provide very detailed information about the job seekers available (without revealing who they are, of course).

The Career Center includes job seekers from all over the United States and Canada that fit a wide range of HVACR jobs. And if an employer should not find exactly the candidate that they’re looking for, the Career Center will continue to search each day and as new job seekers are found that might fit, the employer will be notified that there are new matches for their Profile Alerts. All at no cost to them.

For more information, visit theCareer Center employers pageand click on the link at the lower left.

Publication date:12/15/2008