TROY, Mich. -The NEWShas enhanced its online Career Center page, now allowing employers to quickly and conveniently sign up for the program online. Employers who are subscribers toThe NEWSmagazine now get more than a 40 percent discount for the first year of service. Also, subscribers can now try out the service with a new one-month program.

The Career Center, offered byThe NEWSin cooperation with HVAC Agent, assists employers in recruiting qualified HVACR professionals for their job openings at a cost-effective price.

The Career Center previously required employers to download several PDF files, fill them out, and fax them in to HVAC Agent to enroll for the service. Now, everything is done completely online, enabling faster and easier enrollment.

The annual program is deeply discounted forNEWSsubscribers at 41 percent off the regular rate. And the new one-month program is discounted as well, at over 30 percent off the regular rate.

In addition, the Career Center’s Jobseekers section, which is available free to anyone looking for a job in the HVACR industry, now offers over 3,000 jobs nationwide.

For more information on the Career Center,click here.

Publication date:07/21/2008