As an employer, are you having trouble finding qualified people for your HVACR job openings? As a job seeker, are you finding it difficult to locate the job you want?The Newsand HVAC Agent are doing something about it, to put the right people in the right jobs.

The result of this collaboration is The News' Career Center, an online resource for both HVACR job seekers and employers.

Through HVAC Agent, the Career Center provides you with an ever-expanding network of companies who, by banding together, have gained the economies of scale to enable nationwide job listings for employers at a cost-effective price, and nationwide searches for job seekers for free.

This service is available today. Just look for the Career Center button on our home page directly above this Breaking News item.

A New Resource For HVACR Jobs
When you're looking for a better job, it makes sense to have a single place tailored for your industry where they fit your experience, specific skills, licenses, certifications, and preferred work locations to available openings.

The Career Center hosts more HVACR-related jobs than any other industry specific employment resource, giving you access to many of the industry's best opportunities. And remember, job seekers, for you the service is free.

A Single Source For HVACR Recruiting
For employers - including contractors, distributors, and manufacturers - it makes sense to place just one ad and have focused industry-experienced human resource professionals advertise, recruit, and sift through all the job applicants to determine if they meet your needs.

The Career Center will search resumes posted on over 60 Internet career sites every day (including the major sites), as well as over 60,000 other places on the Internet, post your open jobs to another 1,000-plus Internet career sites, run statewide newspaper ads as necessary, advertise heavily on almost every Internet search engine, and network with 6,000 Workforce Commission Offices and every branch of the U.S. military, hundreds of trade schools and EPA 608 testing centers, and nearly 3,400 wholesale suppliers.

Unlike a typical Internet career site, you won't need to go to a Web site to post your open jobs or search resumes. The Career Center staff does it all for you.

HVAC Agent is a veteran, well-qualified firm, representing the employment needs of nearly 1,000 companies across the country. In the past 12 months, its staff has evaluated over 300,000 potential applicants and has submitted over 140,000, all with specific industry experience.

Our Career Center service will save you time and effort, and most important of all, it will save you money.

For employers who subscribe to The News, you'll be able to hire as many people as you need for just $75 a month for each geographic location. That's a 22 percent discount off the normal rate on your first year's service, just for being one of our readers. You also have the option to start off with our special 90-day program to try our service. But, to ensure that the program remains effective for everyone involved, HVAC Agent must limit participation to just 7 percent of the companies in each state/metropolitan area. So don't delay in checking us out.

Go to our home page and click on the Career Center button to find out more about this new program and to get started.

Publication date: 12/15/2003