GRAPEVINE, Texas - Rotobrush® International LLC, a leader in air duct cleaning, has announced its new Preferred Customer Program and Preferred Mart. The Preferred Customer Program offers customers different levels of benefits, such as special discounts, additional training, and marketing support tools. The Preferred Mart, open to all preferred customers, is an online shopping area for customized business, marketing, apparel, and promotional items.

“We designed the Preferred Customer Program to support our customers in a variety of ways, giving them special access to different business and marketing tools and discounts. We want to provide our customers with every possible advantage to help them manage their businesses, as well as to let them know how much we appreciate them and how committed we are to their success,” said Heather Fallgren, Rotobrush’s vice president of customer care.

“When you become a Rotobrush customer, you get much more than an equipment package. That is why everyone at Rotobrush has been so committed to launching our Preferred Customer Program and then adding the Preferred Mart where shopping for business and marketing tools is available 24/7. We know we will not be successful if our customers are not successful,” said Steven Bock, CEO and president of Rotobrush.

The Preferred Customer Program currently has two levels: PreferredPerksSMand Preferred Premier. With PreferredPerks, customers get access to group rate medical insurance, liability insurance, credit card processing, and check guarantee services. In addition, customers are granted password access to Rotobrush’s Customer Web Site Destination, which provides business tips and strategies from Rotobrush and other contractors, technical support videos, marketing and product information, business templates, and the new Preferred Mart area.

For more benefits, customers can upgrade to the Preferred Premier level. This level includes all the above, plus exclusive benefits including discounts on parts and supplies, an extended machine warranty, additional training, periodic shipments of marketing materials, and full Website hosting with e-mail addresses. Rotobrush also offers Preferred Premier customers an option to have their Websites fully designed. And there are also additional, unadvertised benefits, such as offers for cruises, gas cards, sales and marketing educational materials, and more.

The online Preferred Mart offers everything from business cards and direct mail pieces, to promotional items such as pens, shirts, and uniforms, as well as logoed camping, hunting, and fishing gear. In the Preferred Mart, customers can find customized items and order any time, day or night. Preferred Premier customers can access exclusive designs.

To learn more about the Preferred Customer Program, call 800-535-3878 or visit

Publication date:08/18/2008