WORCESTER, Mass. - C.K. Smith Co. Inc., a Worcester fuel and energy services dealer for over 115 years, is going green with the launch of a new solar energy division.

The company’s Alternative Energy & Services Division includes its Hybrid-Energy™ product line and the services necessary to install equipment powered by C.K. Smith’s alternative energy.

Available to residential and commercial customers, the company’s Hybrid-Energy solutions use solar panels in conjunction with existing oil, natural gas, propane, electric, and wood pellet systems to produce heat and/or hot water. The company says it offers 16 ways in which solar energy can be applied to home comfort situations. C.K. Smith also plans to extend hybrid solar technology to swimming pool heating, hot tubs/spas, and air conditioning in 2009.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution with our Alternative Energy & Services Division,” said Bruce Fortin, C.K. Smith’s president. “The division’s Hybrid-Energy products are expected to dramatically decrease heating and hot water costs.”

“We are always looking for ways to save our customers money,” said Frank Cyr, director of equipment sales. “In addition, the energy from the sun is free, its supplies are unlimited, and using solar energy produces no air or water pollution.”

According to the company, the Hybrid-Energy solar products can be integrated into any existing heating and/or hot water system. A solar collector, energy storage tank, solar panels, and all controls can be quickly and easily installed.

“With C.K. Smith’s Hybrid-Energy solar products, more than 90 percent of incoming solar radiation is transferred to heat, and the system covers over 75 percent of hot water needs for a family of four,” said Herb Seymour, director, Alternative Energy & Services.

Federal and state tax credits are presently available for purchase of these solar products. There may be additional credits available depending on location. The company said all credits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information on C.K. Smith’s Alternative Energy & Services Division and its Hybrid-Energy products, call 508-753-1475 or 800-922-8341, or visit www.cksmithco.com.

Publication date:08/18/2008