SAN JOSE, Calif. - LonMark International announced a new collaborative agreement with the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of companies working to formalize EnOcean self-powered, wireless technology as an interoperable wireless standard for sustainable buildings. The partnership provides a platform for bringing LonMark’s open, interoperable device-level protocol for wired and unwired networks together with EnOcean’s RF end-device solution for low/no-power devices. The two organizations anticipate that the agreement will drive new growth opportunities.

Wireless devices provide a solution in areas where wired devices are impractical or too costly to install. EnOcean’s technology requires no battery maintenance and is designed to work seamlessly with established, interoperable network technologies, says the organizations. As such, LonMark-EnOcean interfaces have existed in the marketplace for some time now. New, cost-effective solutions are expected to help deliver even more energy-efficient, intelligent control systems.

“The technical, education, and marketing teams from both LonMark and EnOcean are committed to pursuing common, open, interoperable integration standards,” said Ron Bernstein, executive director of LonMark International. “We look forward to working together as our two organizations bring enhanced solutions to the market.”

“The EnOcean Alliance is proud to be working in conjunction with LonMark International to present new interoperable solutions to the market,” said Graham Martin, EnOcean Alliance chairman and CEO. “We see great synergy between our two organizations and are excited about the opportunity to work together.”

“The combination of both technologies offers multiple advantages for integrators and end-users in the building automation industry,” said Harald Zygan, managing director of Thermokon. “For years, we have deployed EnOcean’s battery-less, wireless technology as an intelligent addition to LonWorks networks, with thousands of systems already installed worldwide. As a long-term LonMark Germany member and EnOcean Alliance promoter, this agreement now confirms this proven strategy.”

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Publication date:10/06/2008