SAN JOSE, Calif. - LonMark International, a non-profit trade association that provides certification, education, and promotion of interoperability standards, announced that it has signed a marketing agreement with the newly founded NewEnergy AllianceSM. The NewEnergy Alliance is comprised of a group of companies aimed at forging a new electricity load response model that will surpass the current utility-driven demand response offerings, says the organization.

“LonMark sees the formation of the NewEnergy Alliance as a significant opportunity to include new technologies and emerging practices with the existing LonMark guidelines and solutions, and to bring the latest developments, advances, and service offerings to the controls market,” said Ron Bernstein, executive director of LonMark International.

“The NewEnergy Alliance is committed to creating Energy Responsive BuildingsSMby integrating building automation systems with real-time energy market data and pricing signals,” said Leighton Wolffe, vice president of alliances and strategy for Constellation NewEnergy. “This commitment to developing and implementing enterprise level energy solutions and technologies will deliver advanced energy expertise and innovative tools that today’s customers need to identify and leverage the energy in our built environment.”

In an effort to address the constant changes in technologies, LonMark International said it is in the early stages of developing a new program that will allow it to work with third party organizations and companies on complementary technologies. As such, the agreement with NewEnergy Alliance is the first in a series of non-exclusive relationships.

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Publication date:06/09/2008