PORTLAND, Ore. - Home Comfort Zones Inc., manufacturer of the MyTemp® energy management and temperature control system, has announced integrated support for economizer, two-stage twinning, and fresh air ventilation.

According to the company, the MyTemp system delivers both energy savings and improved comfort by providing room-by-room temperature control for residential forced-air HVAC systems. It saves energy by conditioning occupied rooms only as much as needed and by reducing conditioning in unoccupied rooms. The system is said to be unique because it provides wireless monitoring of the temperature in every room and individually controls the airflow to every vent. MyTemp is designed to work with most HVAC systems and has specialized control logic for more advanced HVAC configurations.

With integrated support, MyTemp assumes control of the associated HVAC equipment, eliminating redundant and sometimes conflicting controllers, and incorporates their operation into the overall temperature and energy management of the house, says the company. In addition, homeowners can adjust settings for each technology with MyTemp’s touch-screen display. These associated HVAC technologies provide the following benefits:

• Economizer - Saves energy by automatically switching from air conditioning to using outside air for cooling when conditions are favorable.

• Two-stage twinning - Allows two adjacent, otherwise independent, HVAC systems to be ducted together and controlled as if they were a single heating and cooling system. Two-stage twinning is designed for houses with multiple HVAC systems and reduces energy consumption while improving comfort.

• Fresh air ventilation - Improves indoor air quality with support of the fresh air ventilation sections of ASHRAE 62.2.

For more information, visit www.homecomfortzones.com.

Publication date:10/06/2008