MyTemp™ delivers both energy savings and improved comfort by providing room-by-room temperature control for residential forced-air HVAC systems. It monitors the temperature in every room, even bathrooms, and individually controls the airflow to every vent, says the company. The system is comprised of a sophisticated network of wireless sensors called Smart Controllers™. At least one Smart Controller is placed in each room and it relays temperature data to a central computer. Pneumatically controlled dampers are installed behind every register in the house for independent airflow control to each register. The system can be retrofitted into nearly all homes without changing the existing HVAC system. A touch-screen display, which is used in place of a thermostat, shows energy-usage information. This information includes the length of time an individual room or the whole house receives heating, cooling, or circulation; how much it costs to heat, cool, and circulate air in individual rooms or the whole house over 24 hours; and the temperature settings and the actual temperatures over a 24-hour period.

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