PORTLAND, Ore. - Home Comfort Zones Inc., developer and manufacturer of the MyTemp® room-by-room temperature control and energy management system, announced that RST Inc. of Westwood, Mass., will be the company’s manufacturer’s representative in the New England region. As a Home Comfort Zones manufacturer’s representative, RST will be responsible for MyTemp channel development activities including dealer recruitment, training, and support in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.

MyTemp is designed to deliver both improved comfort and potential energy savings by providing room-by-room temperature control for residential forced-air HVAC systems. According to Home Comfort Zones, MyTemp can be easily installed into most existing homes without changing the HVAC system. The energy savings features of MyTemp give homeowners the ability to reduce their heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 40 percent while significantly improving personal comfort, says the company.

“It would be difficult for me to overstate my excitement regarding MyTemp,” said Richard Trethewey, RST’s principal and founder, who is well known through regular appearances on the TV showsThis Old HouseandAsk This Old House. “The first time I saw this product installed I was extremely impressed. Home Comfort Zones has completely re-invented climate control for forced-air heating and cooling systems; everything from the installation process to the control methods has been designed to make retrofit installations possible and to deliver superior customer results. Initial reaction from our dealers has been overwhelmingly positive and we believe that MyTemp will be very successful in the New England market.”

“Today’s announcement represents another important milestone for Home Comfort Zones,” said Jim Hermann, chief executive officer of Home Comfort Zones. “The New England region has unique climate, energy, and housing challenges that make it a compelling market for MyTemp. Furthermore, we believe that RST is a terrific partner for launching new technologies. Richard Trethewey and his team have years of channel development experience pioneering new and advanced HVAC technologies such as radiant heat and high-velocity HVAC systems. We are confident that this partnership will be successful in making MyTemp’s room-by-room temperature control widely available to customers in the New England region.”

For more information about Home Comfort Zones, visit www.homecomfortzones.com. For more information about RST Inc., visit www.rstreps.com.

Publication date:01/12/2009