The Mobile Torch System comes with an easy-to-carry, heavy-duty molded case, which provides storage, accessibility, and protection of gas cylinders, torch tips, solder, and accessories. The kit offers accessibility in tight work areas such as crawl spaces, attics, cabinets, and ladders. The accessory compartment provides quick access and convenient storage for solder, flux, brushes, abrasives, tubing cutter, and extra tips. The dual gas container can store two MAPP® or propane gas cylinders, eliminating the need to leave a jobsite to get a refill cylinder. The system maintains the gas canisters in a 30-degree position from horizontal within the case, providing the minimum requirement for optimal usage, while still maintaining a low profile for storage within a van or a truck. The system includes a 12.5-foot hose with metal strain relief to prevent kinking at the fitting, self-igniting tip with replaceable burn tip, tip handle and new all-brass regulator with hose attachment, and Compressed Gas Association (CGA) 600 cylinder connection.

Lenox Industrial Tools