Orion illuminated manifold gauges are legible and bright in complete darkness. The electroluminescent technology is the same as is used in automotive dashboards to make gauges visible at night. The gauges have their own power source and the electroluminescence is activated through a push of a button. They allow a technician to work at dusk or in the dead of night because the ORION gauges light up and are easily read. This allows a technician to work when it’s cooler instead of in extreme heat conditions. The gauge and power source are enclosed in a heavy-duty rubber boot for added durability. The gauges can be used on any manifold as replacement gauges or purchased on the manufacturer’s manifold bodies. The dial has a half-life of 15,000 hours. After 15,000 hours, the gauge is one-half as bright as new, but will still be quite bright in dimly lit areas.

JB Industries