Designed for use in charging and evacuating systems, the DM 4-3 4 valve digital manifold combines a superheat/subcooling gauge with a four-valve charging and testing manifold and temperature gauge. Thirty-two of the most popular refrigerants are built in to service any system. The heavy-duty rubber boot protects the manifold from damage. The manifold has a full 3/8-inch bore and original free-floating O-ring sealing system. The manifold automatically calculates superheat and subcooling temperatures for refrigerants and displays them simultaneously. It converts from °F to °C, and pounds per square inch to kilopascal. The unit includes a temperature sensor and clamp to achieve enhanced temperature readings to ensure an accurate superheat/subcooling reading. The DM4-3 replaces a standard manifold, a superheat/subcooling gauge, and temperature gauge so the technician does not need to keep returning to the truck to get more equipment. The instructions are easy-to-use and located near the buttons, to eliminate bulky instruction manuals.

JB Industries