The new Emerson® Big Blue™ humidity touchscreen programmable thermostat offers three selectable program schedules or non-programmability. It features dehumidification and humidification control, as well as an uncluttered 12-square-inch display. It offers four time and temperature settings per program and a choice of either battery powered with power-stealing assist or hardwired with battery backup. The thermostat works with single-stage, multistage, and heat pump systems. Advanced program logic offers humidification and dehumidification control right at the thermostat. It is compatibile with gas, oil and electric heat. The call for service diagnostic indicator and compressor lockout protection help technicians address potential problems before compressor-damaging faults occur. Dual fuel for heat pump applications is built into the thermostat, and the homeowner has the choice of using program logic or outside temperature to use an auxiliary heat source. The unit offers up to four stages of heat in heat pump mode Dehumidification offers the option to lower the blower speed to enhance moisture removal on variable speed blower systems designed for on demand dehumidification.