The VLT® Series variable-frequency drives (VFDs) are now available with power through 1,350 horsepower (hp) in 460 and 690 vac. F1 frame models deliver power up to 1,050 hp, while F2 frame models deliver up to 1,350 hp. They facilitate ease-of-use by sharing a common platform with the company’s smaller drives. A Rittal TS8 enclosure system in IP21 (NEMA 1) or IP54 (NEMA 12) enables easy system expansion, while a Class A1 RFI filter (optional Class A2) reduces EMI/RFI without the need for external filters. The high-power F frame-size VFDs feature a unique cooling design that utilizes a ducted back channel to pass cooling air over heat sinks, with minimal air passing through the electronics area.

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