WAUCONDA, Ill. - The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) and the Healthy House Institute (HHI) have formed a new partnership with the goal of clearly imparting an understanding of the principles of residential ventilation and an awareness of the associated technologies. This partnership is intended to help promote healthy living and the benefits of leading a greener lifestyle all while providing consumers with the information desired.

“It is the goal of both organizations to promote a healthier living environment and this partnership will help us both reach that target,” said Jacki Golike, CAE, executive director for HVI.

“We will be collaborating to reach consumers with the information they need to make their homes greener and healthier, cost-effectively through better indoor air quality,” noted Allen Rathey, president of HHI.

“We are pleased to be associated with the extensive technical knowledge and depth of expertise represented by HVI and its members.”

For more information, visit www.hvi.org or www.healthyhouseinstitute.com.

Publication date:06/02/2008