BOISE, Idaho — The Healthy House Institute (HHI) and the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) are partnering to educate consumers about “balanced ventilation” in today’s tighter homes — a form of equilibrium for indoor air quality (IAQ) in modern homes.

“From HHI’s perspective, it has been very rewarding to become educated about the many resources available through the Home Ventilating Institute to assist consumers, builders, and contractors in achieving balanced ventilation and, ultimately, a victory for the indoor environment,” said Allen Rathey, president of HHI.

“By providing an equivalent amount of fresh air indoors to match or equal the amounts of stale, polluted inside air exhausted to the outdoors through proper mechanical ventilation, balanced ventilation is a victory for healthier indoor spaces,” said Jacki Donner, executive director and CEO of HVI. “HVI is committed to helping consumers choose cost-effective, performance-validated ventilation products — fans and heat recovery, energy recovery, and other ventilators — to achieve indoor balance, helping ensure fresh indoor air for the health of their loved ones, at the lowest energy and long-term cost.”

HVI is a non-profit organization that provides Certified Ratings Programs and a Certified Products Directory. HVI certifies ventilation products for airflow, sound level, and energy efficiency.

For more information about the Healthy House Institute, visit For more information about the Home Ventilating Institute, visit

Publication date: 6/10/2013

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