According to an article by the Associated Press, a Texas man was arrested last week for attempting to cash a check at a Fort Worth bank. The funny part of the story - the check was for $360 billion dollars.

I realize everything is bigger in Texas, but still.

And lest you be confused, the man was not President George W. Bush attempting to pay down the national debt he has helped build. But rather, the man is Charles Ray Fuller, and he was attempting to start a record business.

Fuller’s well thought-out plan was foiled by the bank teller who was a bit suspicious. I assume 10 zeroes on a personal check would have that effect on everyone except Dr. Evil. Fuller’s explanation was his girlfriend’s mother gave him the check to start the record business. By the way, that is quite a catch you have there, honey. Make sure you hang onto Charles Ray; you wouldn’t want him to get away.

As people who also deal with the public, the question I pose to my three readers is as HVAC contractors: Have you ever had an instance where a homeowner tried in an idiotic fashion to pull a fast one on you?

I do not expect a billion dollar personal check, but I assume there are some funny stories out there. Perhaps paying in Monopoly money?

Finally, as a side note, officers reported finding about 2 ounces of marijuana in Mr. Fuller’s pockets.

I know… shocking!