Enhancements have been made to the AirFlow Breeze vent. It is designed to deliver warm or cool air to any room or area in the home that consistently remains too hot or too cold. It increases the volume of air delivered into the uncomfortable room by utilizing two low-voltage fans, which automatically turn on and off by a temperature-sensing electronic controller. The amount of airflow is controlled by a three-speed setting option. The fans can offer flow rates of 100, 70, or 40 cubic feet per minute. When the fan from the central HVAC system cycles off, it leaves conditioned air lingering in the ducts. The vent continues to pull the conditioned air into the room, which keeps the room more comfortable longer and maximizes the circulation of the conditioned air. According to the company, with the unit, the central HVAC system needs to run less often, which can help lower utility bills. With the latest upgrades, it can now fit into any 4- by 12-inch register opening, as well as any 4- by 10-inch opening. In addition to fitting in floor vents, both model sizes come with mounting hole locations for installation in vents located in the wall.

AirFlow Technology, 1427 West 86th St., Ste. 328, Indianapolis, IN 46260; 800-458-5540; info@aftproducts.com; www.aftproducts.com

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