In a story broke by our sister publication from the U.K. -The ACR News- Carrier Corp. will be keeping Prince Charles and Camilla (to be honest I do not know her title and it wasn’t worth my time to Google it) cool. Actually, we have no affiliation with The ACR News at all but how cool would that be for us to have a sister publication in England?

You can read the story here:

But in a nutshell, Carrier used two roof-mounted Carrier Aquaforce chillers to air condition the Madame Tussaud building which is home to a wax museum. Thus Carrier is helping keep the wax version of the royal family cool.

At first I was angry that we got scooped byThe ACR News.How can a publication that has one less letter than us beat us to the story? Why did our friends at Carrier not tip us off to the story?

Then I realized we are just talking about the royal family. They just fell into this gig and have done nothing to earn it. It is not like we are talking about an important family - like the Mannings.

So go ahead and break that storyACR News,we will print something when it involves important families that are not pompous, stuck-up, and drunks. Like the Kennedy family.

I have tried to get through this post without making a Camilla is ugly joke, but it is impossible. So here you go:

Prince Charles is driving down the driveway to one of his estates when he accidentally runs over a rabbit. He gets out of the car and is devastated to find the bunny dead. He also notices a bottle dropped by the side of the road and hating litter he picks it up. He rubs the bottle and a genie pops out and offers to grant him one wish. Selfless as ever, Charles asks for the rabbit to be brought back to life.

"I'm sorry", says the genie, "but reincarnation is beyond my powers. Is there something else I could grant for you?"

Charles thinks for a minute before asking "Could you make Camilla a bit better looking?"

“Oh bloody hell!", says the genie, "Let's have another look at that rabbit!"