The HVAC Guide™ guided probe tester is a hand-held instrument that leads field technicians step-by-step through the most common HVAC tests, including target evaporator exit temp, superheat, subcooling, and combustion analysis. The technician selects a test on the dial, fills out the Input Form, and then reads the diagnosis from the Output Form. Data can be entered automatically using Fieldpiece’s accessory heads or manually from any other instrument, such as pressure gauges. No charts, tables, or calculations are needed. It stores up to 200 tests that can be downloaded to a PC for customer tracking and data organization. Each set of test data contains a customer ID and a time stamp. Stored tests can be sent to the office for billing or for supervisors to check their technicians’ work. Work orders can also be printed out for better customer service. Dual temperature head, dry bulb thermocouple, wet bulb thermocouple, USB cable, PC software, and a padded nylon case are included with the tester.

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