Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.: Infrared-Probe ThermometerDesigned for quick temperature readings of registers, ducts, and ambient temperatures, the SPK3 thermometer combines a 94-mm probe to measure in ducts and an infrared (IR) sensor for quick temperature checks. The compact tool also calculates Delta-T by measuring T1 and T2 from two rod readings, two IR readings, or one of each. According to the manufacturer, users can take air temperatures by shooting any surface. The viewing ratio is 8:1 infrared for more accurate measurements. The rod temperature probe’s rod hook allows the SPK3 to hang hands-free from registers and ductwork. Detents lock the probe into place so technicians can open the probe part way. The convenient flip display ensures the readings are facing the correct direction whether the SPK3 is in IR or rod mode. The probe folds into the body for storage and protection.

Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

eProduct 186 

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