BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. - To assist building owners and facility managers in their efforts to realize the benefits of green, Siemens Building Technologies Inc. developed a Green Building Web page. According to the company, it is a comprehensive source of facts and relevant information that aims to help visitors initiate a meaningful dialogue on how to go green.

The Green Building page is modular and divided into six windows allowing visitors to navigate the site, finding pertinent information quickly. Within the site’s pages, the company’s Energy and Environmental Solutions (EES) team describes how Siemens can help identify and implement systems and procedures to achieve virtually any organization’s green building visions and goals.

In the Life-Cycle window, EES experts outline Siemens’ holistic approach to green buildings. According to the site, this approach begins with well-planned design and construction and ensures as-specified environmental quality over the long term through sound and effective operating and maintenance practices. Existing facilities are addressed here as well, and the page offers owners opportunities and insight into renewal strategies that will support greening strategies across any enterprise.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED®) certification window offers an in-depth look into LEED certification and what it takes to achieve this designation. The site also offers a LEED certification tool, a greenhouse gas calculator, and a green guide for health care toolkit.

Also available on the Siemens EES Green Buildings page is a link to the executive summary of the company’s SmartMarket report the “Greening of Corporate America,” and registration to receive the full report. The study provides insights into the changing attitude towards green by some of corporate America’s largest companies and a thorough overview of how the color of corporate citizenship is increasingly becoming a deeper shade of green as the movement becomes a more integral part of the bottom line.

For more information, visit www.usa.siemens.com/buildingtechnologies.

Publication Date:01/28/2008