COLUMBUS, Ohio — Liebert Corporation ( has announced the launch of Consultant's Corner, a secure Web-based resource for engineers and consultants involved in the design, installation, and management of computer support systems, including power protection, precision environmental control, and site monitoring.

According to the company, Consultant's Corner “speeds the design process and ensures support systems are optimized for each project through a range of design tools, detailed technical information, and comprehensive, up-to-date product specifications.”

“As the world leader in computer support systems, we have unmatched experience and expertise in designing solutions that meet the exact requirements of an application,” stated Fred Stack, vice president of marketing. “With Consultant's Corner we're putting this knowledge at the fingertips of consultants and engineers to enable them to work more effectively and ensure the optimum solution is created for each project.”

Consultant's Corner provides turnaround of sizing and capacity data and reduces the dependence on paper catalogs for product information, the company says. The site also includes current industry news and a secure projects file area where consultants can store project-specific information and access it via the Web.

The site's content is based on input from Liebert customers and its network of representatives and distributors, and includes:

  • Design support tools, such as automated battery and blower sizing programs, conversion calculators, and a UPS selector.

  • A Power Problems Database that identifies power problems by frequency of occurrence and lists solutions to each problem to ensure power systems achieve the desired levels of availability.

  • Technical data, such as compressor and refrigerant performance and pressures, electrical schematics, and heat density specifications.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a variety of batteries, coolants, oil, insulation, and other items.

  • Up-to-date Liebert product specifications, detailed submittal drawings, technical data, user guides, and white papers.

    Consultants and engineers interested in utilizing Consultant's Corner should contact their Liebert sales representative.

    Publication date: 04/07/2003