A wireless pulse counter designed for energy management program remote metering applications is available. According to the company, the unit’s low installation cost makes more affordable the use of multiple data points in order to better understand and control energy consumption in installations such as commercial office buildings, college campuses, malls, and condominiums. The counter is used to wirelessly transmit electric, water, or gas meter values and make them available to any building automation system. It consists of a high-powered radio and signal conditioning module. The pulse counter can be battery- or line-powered. Because no wires are needed, it is easy to add or relocate monitoring points to accommodate system expansions, changing floor plans or future build-outs. With a USB adapter, meter readings and sensor data can be made available wirelessly to the company’s monitoring software on a PC, which notifies energy managers and operations personnel via e-mail as soon as a value drifts out of acceptable range. The software periodically uploads current and historic data to a Web server for remote meter reading and comfort verification.

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