A3 technology is the underlying software that allows the company’s wireless sensor networks to operate. It eliminates the common problem of poor reliability in sensor data transmission caused by other radio frequency (RF) devices. It also serves to minimize power consumption while optimizing data throughput, resulting in a robust, scalable wireless sensor network that delivers ultra-high reliability. According to the company, the challenge is to maintain good performance as the deployment of additional RF sources in a building increase. A3 technology is comprised of three leading-edge techniques designed to dynamically switch RF channels and hop or “spin” around detected RF interference on a time-specific basis. These three techniques - temporal agility, spatial agility, and density agility - collectively perform dynamic adaptive channel hopping in multiple dimensions, resulting in a wireless sensor network that possesses superior network throughput, reliability, scalability, and battery life, even in the harshest of RF environments, said the company.

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