Mike Murphy

November 1987 was a historic time when a handful of visionaries made a historic leap of faith. A year earlier, a driving need for more energy efficiency in the HVACR industry brought Copeland Corporation and Emerson together. With the merger came a risky program, known at the time simply as, “C.A.R.”

Today the outcome of that program is widely known as - Copeland Scroll.

The technology has been embraced by a huge percentage of pros in this industry, and is now making its way into a variety of industries and even more complex applications.

Every product has occasion to be cheered and celebrated by those who invested time, money, and conviction in its development. But, perhaps none in recent memory has had the lasting effect of changing an entire industry, as did Copeland Scroll.

It is satisfying to know that men and women of great mettle are working on the next innovative solutions that may alter the face of not only this industry, but of industries yet to be discovered.

On behalf ofThe Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration NEWS, please enjoy a mix of nostalgia with the future, as you celebrate with Emerson Climate Technologies, the 20th Anniversary of Copeland Scroll. 

Publication date:11/12/2007