The CF 512 cold-weather foam can dispense and cure at temperatures as low as 30°F. The product can be used for restricting air, sound, dirt, and water infiltration in a variety of applications. The high-performance, high-yield foam is designed for filling around penetrations and general gap/crack applications, such as insulating around electrical outlet boxes and filling openings around HVAC ducts, pipe, and cable penetrations. The product is a recognizable orange color to distinguish from other foam materials (not for use as a firestop). The CF 512 foam has been evaluated by the International Code Council Evaluation Service for use as an alternative material for fireblocking in Type V nonfire-rated wood frame construction (refer to ESR 2179). According to the manufacturer, for precision installation, the foam is used with the CF DS-1 dispenser, which has a high-quality valve, preventing pressure loss, prolonging shelf life, and preventing waste.

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