The S-MS HVAC zip screws utilize HyperThread technology to deliver off-angle fastening, even in heavy-gauge sheet metal. HyperThread technology provides a tapered point and shank for consistent driving with almost no metal filings. Up to two layers of 18-gauge steel can be joined, and the head design minimizes any stress from base material displacement. Engineered to fasten sheet metal from 18 to 28 gauge, the zip screws are self-piercing and are capable of being driven at angles up to 30 degrees. Made of carbon steel with zinc electroplating, the zip screws are available in two sizes: The #8 S-MS is used for applications of 20 to 28 gauge and driven with a 1/4-inch drive, and the #10 S-MS is used for applications of 18 to 26 gauge and driven with a 5/16-inch drive. Both magnetic and nonmagnetic nut setters are available.

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