The S-MS HVAC zip screws are a blend of sharp and self-drilling screw. They are engineered to fasten sheet metal from 18 to 28 gauge. They utilize HyperThread technology to deliver off-angle fastening, even in heavy-gauge sheet metal, and are capable of being driven at angles up to 30 degrees, says the company. The HyperThread technology provides a tapered point and shank for consistent driving with almost no metal filings. According to the manufacturer, the off-angle fastening in gauges up to 28, cuts installation time, while high-profile heads, limited metal filings, and reduced “walking” increase safety. Made of carbon steel with zinc electroplating, the screws come in two sizes. The #8 S-MS is used for applications of 20-28 gauge and driven with a 1/4-inch drive, and the #10 S-MS is used for applications of 18-26 gauge and driven with a 5/16-inch drive.

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