According to the association, a new computer CD training package takes the complex concepts of Manual D, explains them in plain English, and offers real-world examples on how to apply them in day-to-day business. “Understanding Manual D: Airflow & Duct Design in the Real World” consists of five CDs: “Airflow Basics,” “Choosing a Blower,” “Creating Comfort Using Manual T,” “System Design,” and “Testing and Balancing.” Topics include how to read a blower performance chart, things to know about PSC motors, understanding the myth of 0.10-inch static pressure, how to choose an air handler or furnace blower, general principles to properly handle return air, and what to do after the system is installed and running, including the use of a Magnehelic or manometer. The 12-step procedure for using Manual D is explained and used to design and lay out a trunk and branch duct system for a three-bedroom ranch house. Each CD consists of an approximately 60-minute segment. The CD series allows users to use it virtually anywhere: training rooms, classrooms, at the office, or at home. In addition, each CD contains appropriate handouts that can be printed.

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