The HumEvap MC2 evaporative cooler can provide up to 12°C of cooling to an average-sized duct or air-handling unit (AHU) for less than 0.5kW of energy per hour. The system sits inside a duct or AHU and raises the humidity by continually pumping water down an evaporative matrix through which the air flows. As the air passes through this moist matrix, water vapor is evaporated into it and the air is cooled. The unit can be used in applications for print, textiles, tobacco, timber, paper, automotive manufacturing, and food production industries, as well as museums, among others. It has a software-controlled water management system that minimizes water consumption. The unit will only flush when necessary, taking into account the current quality of the water and the running time. To prevent microbial buildup within the reservoir, the water is circulated through a silver-based anti-microbial filter.

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