The JetSpray in-duct humidifier has been enhanced. This energy-efficient, cold-water spray humidifier can be used in air-handling systems or to directly humidify an area. It uses 90 percent less energy than an equivalent steam system and requires less compressed air compared to other humidifiers of its type, according to the manufacturer. The humidifier consists of a control panel that feeds compressed air and water to rows of nozzles that produce sprays with droplets of 7.5 µm in size. The compressed air and water humidifier’s remote user interface can be positioned up to 100 meters away from the control panel. It shows current ambient humidity/temperature as well as the desired humidity set point. In addition, the improved humidifier has an increased capacity from 300 to 600 liters per hour, multiple humidity sensor inputs for larger areas, and improved hygiene technology.

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