Canadian provinces have now notified gas certificate holders on the date they plan to adopt the 2007 Supplement to the national Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code (CSA B149-1S1-07). This supplement will require that all plastic vent piping be certified to ULC S636 “Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems.” The code change affects all new natural gas and propane appliance installations and replacement installations. The code change is not retroactive. Existing appliances and their plastic venting systems will not require action until replacement is required.

HRAI hosted a meeting with stakeholders and following their recommendations, HRAI submitted comments on the ULC S636 letter ballot with respect to differences in temperature rating amongst standards (ULC, CSA, and ANSI). ULC plans to publish a revised standard in July 2007.

Following this meeting IPEX Inc., currently the only manufacturer of ULC S636 compliant venting systems, provided clarification on the joining of vent materials made from different thermoplastics. IPEX confirmed that it offers a listed solvent cement for transitioning between PVC, CPVC, and ABS materials. This cement is offered in order to adapt listed vent materials to the various appliance connectors on the market. The company also confirmed it will undertake to revise its installation instructions in order to minimize discrepancies between its venting systems manual and the appliance manufacturers’ installation guides.

Publication date:07/02/2007