A new line of pre-charged condensing units have been developed by Emerson Climate Technologies and Zero Zone Inc. They are for use with Zero Zone’s Hybrid Reach-Ins for medium and low temperature applications.

The project began in December 2006 “to bring an efficient and effective solution to Zero Zone’s refrigeration application needs,” the companies said. Together, they designed and tested the system components, enabling Zero Zone to deliver and install the first Hybrid cases with Emerson controls in April 2007.

The first end user of the unit is a small-box retailer who had not previously carried refrigerated products. The turnkey installation was done by Industriaplex Inc., of Alpharetta, Ga., which provides what it calls “infrastructure products and services.”

“The Hybrid uses industry-standard, recognized products, so service technicians know how to interact with the equipment,” said Eric Hickman, general manager, retail for Industriaplex. “We are also getting great feedback on the serviceability and uptime of the components package that is included with the refrigerated cases, from the compressor package through the evaporator.”

He said the new product line was specifically designed to help retailers avoid complicated refrigeration rack and piping installation in their stores. Zero Zone calls this benefit “refrigeration without complication.” The configurations focus on flexibility, self-contained units, compact size, simple connections, and field-installed top-mounted condensing units.

The reach-ins do not require brazing, evacuation, or charging. “The cases come from the Zero Zone factory ready for rapid installation. The Emerson controls are preset at the factory, and the entire installation process can happen quickly with minimal impact on store operations,” Hickman said.

Tom Parrish, manager, marketing and sales services, Emerson Climate Technologies Refrigeration Division, said Emerson and Zero Zone will continue to work together to expand this line of pre-charged units.

For more information, visit www.emersonclimate.com/integratedproducts, www.zero-zone.com/products.asp, or www.industriaplex.com.

Publication Date:09/03/2007